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GUERILLA MEME (Ref: 999999999p1101)

Note : this 'guerilla meme' needs to be launched at the right moment, when the website and its associated ideas are substantial, tidy and 'ready'. This will probably be later in 2004 at the earliest. For now let's just refine the concept and get things ready for it.

What. (Ref: 99999p1302)

A symbol or short word or phrase that can represent the whole project and idea and be used as the project's master visual meme.

Properties.(Ref: 99999p1302)

The symbol needs to :

How.(Ref: 99999p1302)

Conventional means of spreading news, ideas and awareness about products cost buckets of money and are fairly inefficient. One of the fortunate characteristics of this project is that the "product" being "sold" requires maximum possible exposure and the "product" cannot be harmed by anything; the worst that can be done is that it is ignored. Additionally, the product does not have a sell by or use by date, no immoveable launch date and is not in competition with another model which is cheaper, better or could reach the market first.

So, a guerilla marketing campaign is what is needed.

Rather than try to tell everybody what the product is (politics, dry as dust, insomnia cure par excellence) instead lead them to believe some unknown product is available, represented by our meme mark. Make it deliberately mysterious so that the mark enters the unconscious first, eventually leading to the question "Have you seen this mark ... before? Do you know what it means?" Those who pursue that question will be lead to the product, a website and egroup. At that point they become aware of what the product is and can go further or ignore it. Either way they do the work and they choose what message if any to take away with them. The mark must lead the curious somewhere so the website and egroup must be up and running and stable first. When the product is ready we, that is anybody involved in the project who believes it is worth spreading the ideas, launch the guerrilla meme by gradually making the symbol appear all over the place, so that it seeps into the unconscious like fluoride in the water. Think the Silk Cut, Orange and BG Tell Sid campaigns. Think CND. And think of the Hamlet music.

To make the mark become visible and ubiquitous :

QUESTIONS (Ref: 999999999999999h1099) (Contact us)

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