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What you can do (Ref: d1001)

  1. TELL everyone you know about this site and about how many people there really are who do care and do think like you.
  2. THINK about all the ideas on this site.
  3. THINK about how what is presented here can be improved.
  4. TRY to think of answers to the questions, puzzles and problems mentioned or encountered among these pages.
  5. CONTRIBUTE by writing to us with your own ideas.
  6. CONTRIBUTE by sending us articles, stories or details of where we can find ideas or writing by others that impresses you.

Sending us your ideas. (Ref: d1002)

There is no limit to what we can achieve if we co-operate and gather ideas from everywhere we can. This site will be a huge success if you can contribute.

The whole world cannot write on here so we will have guidelines based on the most fundamental principles of what we are hoping to achieve. These guidelines are :

  1. Writing that appears here will be based on ideas which are underpinned by ideals of honesty, dignity, tolerance and respect for all people.
  2. Writing will be positive and looking to the future not the past, dreaming of the very best and how we achieve it, not harking back with regret and blame.
  3. Writing will be primarily about what would be done and how, not discussion of the issues. We think debate properly belongs in other places such as our forum (not yet active).
  4. Our highest ideal is to add to the sum of the Human Spirit. Plans, schemes, thoughts and actions which have as any part of their philosophy such themes as smashing, ruining, destroying, taking, punishing and forcing, do not add, they subtract and we can grow out of them, starting here.
  5. We need lots of ideas on each subject, there is no limit. But we also need at least one good piece of writing on every sphere of life so that whatever a doubter does for a living they can be shown that at least one person in their area of interest believes that we can do better.
  6. Submissions may be edited in some ways but the original will be in the archive somewhere.
  7. To preserve confidentiality, and to keep personalities, gurus and celebrity out of the picture, writing will not be attributed except in the case of published work, which will be identified in the archive only.
  8. If you wish to contact the writer of an anonymous piece, contact the administrators quoting the reference number of the piece and your contact details. We will then enable the writer to contact you if they so wish. No other correspondence will be entered into.
  9. Submissions or communications to the administrators which are too offensive to have on open display are still here, they are still the voice of the People, but they are buried below the archive.

Other stuff (Ref: d1003)

  1. It is not expected, nor even desirable, that you will agree with all, or perhaps even any, of what is presented here. Most things here will challenge some people if not everybody. We only present these things as 'seed' ideas which will be improved, expanded or even thrown away as contributions to the library of ideas here grow. When you disagree, write down what you think is better and send it in.
  2. Policies are kept in deeper layers of this site because we want to concentrate more on the mechanics of government rather than on what government will do.
  3. The creators are not writers so the standard of writing is very amateurish. If you are a good writer and feel inclined to improve any section please feel free to do so and to submit it to us so we can consider using it. Generally speaking the standard of both presentation and thinking decreases as you go deeper into the site.
  4. For on-line discussions we have a forum here (not yet active).
  5. The site is designed using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) which can be seen here.

QUESTIONS (Ref: d1099) (Contact us)

  1. What do you dislike about this page?
  2. How can it be improved?
  3. After looking at this page do you think you understand what the page is for?
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