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The Story so Far - or Why Bother?(Ref: s1001)

A message from the CREATOR (of this web site, silly!) or : "A brief history of me."

Youthful idealism never really got abandoned, just suppressed. The exuberance of youth was overrun by skepticism, lack of time and well, you know, life. With more life, and more miles on the clock, came cynicism. There was no point trying to do what is right or best for anyone but myself, with a few honourable exceptions of course for those close to me. Changing the world is impossible and I learnt that like everyone else. So I did my tiny little bit, for charity and things like that. It didn't really achieve much but it made me feel better for a while. A bit like retail therapy really.

Enthusiasm for the important things in life bubbled up every now and then, but quickly sank from sight again under the weight of cynicism and despair for the task of fixing the world. And, hey, I had a life, I wasn't a loser who spent their time alone thinking - I got out there and did to them before they did to me.

And so nothing got changed. By me anyway.

By who then?

Then, at exactly the right moment, I came across one writer whose work finally broke the cynicism trap. And the rest is history.

The introduction below is meant to speak to the deeper instincts of most people and move them to sit up and take notice that they, that is, YOU, are not alone.

NOT "More of the same but different"

WHY think about the future? (Ref: s1002)

Despite all the foregoing I now believe it is possible for ordinary people to make a real difference. The restoration of hope, the change from cynicism to skepticism, and then optimism, leads to a renewal of the drive to try to make a difference despite the difficulties, whilst simultaneously driving back despair. This in turn opens the door to productive thinking about the future and how bright it could be.

WHAT needs to be done?(Ref: s1001)

The restoration of hope has involved the overturning of some major preconceptions. The preconceptions and the reasons for abandoning them can now both be understood. This understanding opens the door to originality in thinking and thus the defeat of problems formerly seen as intractable or simply too overwhelming to be defeated before they beat us.

Among the new bases for thinking are :

HOW is this to become reality?(Ref: s1001)

A start has been made on this project which has the following characteristics :

QUESTIONS (Ref: s1099) (Contact us)

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