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VOTING. (Ref: p1501)

If there is only one MP who has declared that this template is their foundation, that MP will not take part in the normal business of Parliament. Instead they will listen to the debates, judge the merits of all sides and, if appropriate, vote for one side or the other according to how the vote measures up to these principles.

However, if any person or group or organisation connected with Parliament or any political party or organisation, approaches the MP to solicit their views or to attempt to influence their vote in any way whatever, the MP will immediately announce on a web-site, in all available detail, that this has happened (explicitly NOT naming names to avoid the blame problem? It is the fact of the event having happened which is important not who did it.) and state that they will now not cast a vote at all, no matter how clear-cut, or important, the issue may be. Thus any interference by any side in any issue will immediately result in one side losing the single vote, but it will not always be clear which side would have got it, nor will it be known in advance which side might lose a vote next time.

After a test period of two years a vote among the electorate will be arranged to determine if the MP is to continue with this practice or to resume standard parliamentary working practices or adopt some other practice as appropriate.

If more than one independent MP using this template of principles is elected, so that these independents are in a position of numerical significance they shall, within seven days of the election, announce in writing how they each intend to proceed temporarily. Within ninety days of the election they will each declare in writing how they intend to proceed for the indefinite future.

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