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Department for Humanity (Ref: i1101)

This is the only department of government which will not have a pre-set time after which it will cease to exist by default. It is all but impossible to conceive of a time when Humanity could cease to have needs so this department will not cease to be needed.

It may well be true that the subject of 'foreign aid', in its most altruistic sense, is that subject in which our present governments are most closely true to real altruism and Humanity in their actions. However, there is, in fact as well as in perception, a case to say that 'aid' is :

All the above are fundamentally issues of power and its misuse. The newly designed Humanity Department will by fail-safe deliberate design try to prevent all these problems.

The function of this department is to administer matters which are of overwhelming importance to Humanity itself. By default this will take precedence over all other functions of government, over government itself, and over 'our' people. These functions are to be carried out by us at our expense with absolutely no strings attached. This department and its activities would be entirely autonomous in the country that sets it up, with no links whatever to any body such as the UN or WHO, a gesture from the people of this country not from some politician or businessman somewhere unknown. It is not to be dependent on negotiation, consensus, moral trading or piety one-upmanship. Just do it.

This department would provide :

This department is a prime candidate for the first one to be established with this new concept as its foundation. This would allow for the mechanisms, algorithms and procedures to be thoroughly tested with minimum risk to anybody. The functions of this new department could be achieved in the old manner if the new system suffered failure, so failures during testing would not have catastrophic consequences. Once the whole concept is demonstrated to work there should develop some pressure from the People to start re-designing other departments and functions to use the new principles.

This department's work will be funded by the Humanity Income Tax.

Votes and Polls. (Ref: i1102)

  1. What things are of overwhelming importance to Humanity. (Type 7)
  2. What percentage of your personal wealth do you want to go to this department. (Type 4)

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