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Representative of the People - Job description (Ref: p1301)

This section is devoted to aiming high, for the top, not to being realistic. The idea here is to create a template, a ready-made structure upon which any person intending to perform a 'public service' of any kind might base her or his actions. For the purposes of this document, this country (the UK) and the 'real world' in which we find ourselves, the template is to be built for a person intending to stand for election to Parliament. This template is aiming for the top so first explicitly state the obvious; stating the obvious publicly will help the public servant or candidate to keep to her or his own tough rules.

(Numbered links in parentheses lead to discussion.)

A person standing for public office will publicly declare in writing at the beginning of a campaign :

I Jane John Smith will, until the election and whilst in office :

The above declarations will be completely voluntary, with no legal or any other standing, and subject to no formal definition, measurement, censure or sanction.(1230)

RE-ELECTION. (Ref: p1302)

This template sets out how an MP will act in the best interests of the People. As a statement of principles this will not change from election to election. The basis for re-election is therefore the record of actual actions while in office, and these principles. Accordingly, no campaign for re-election is appropriate, and none will be engaged in. Within seven days of an election being called the MP will state whether he or she wishes to be considered for re-election. And do no more.

In order to support the principle that power should be given from below not taken from above, and the principle that public office should be a duty and privilege, if, 30 days before the date of the election, 100 named electors state that they wish the MP to stand for re-election then the MP will be automatically nominated, regardless of their previously stated preference. If the MP wishes to refuse to stand then they must present reasons for their refusal in a formal manner. It will be permissible to state the formal reason for refusal as 'private'. However, there will be a mechanism for a court appeal to insist that the reason be made public. Knowing in advance that this is possible may result in false reasons being given, but at least this will be open to criticism, ridicule and negation by the People.

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